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What Is The Working Principle Of the Automatic Cap Screwing Machine

Date: 17/12/2019

Automatic Cap Screwing Machine

1. Working principle: through PLC control, pneumatic Capping machine is used to drive the capping head to complete the capping operation.

2. Design features: easy to adjust, convenient and easy to maintain; it can be used for a variety of containers and specifications without changing parts; it has a unique design of cover selection head, which does not damage the cover appearance;


3. Material standard: the pneumatic components are Taiwan's "adek", the photoelectric sensors are German's "sick" brand; the components are SUS304 stainless steel, LY12, etc., PLC, touch screen, frequency converter are all Mitsubishi; the pneumatic components are Taiwan's "adek"; the internal electrical appliances are France's "Schneider"; the motor is Taiwan's "CpG"

Technical parameters and configuration

4. Control principle; electrical integration design is adopted. The internal circuit adopts DC24 voltage, which is safer; the electrical and gas components are controlled separately, which makes the maintenance more simple and easy; all the circuit and gas circuit signs are normal and clear; all the working information is concentrated on the touch screen, which makes the operation more simple and clear; the intelligent degree is high, and the control is more reasonable and more human-oriented;

5. Technical parameters and configuration

1. The frame is made of stainless steel 304 drawn square tube 40x40x2 welded

2. Select "Mitsubishi" PLC control

3. The photoelectric sensor is German "sick" brand.

4. Pneumatic components: Taiwan "adeke"

5. Capping capacity: 48-62 bottles / min.

6. The number of capping heads: 2 groups.

7. Power supply: AC220V 50Hz.

8. Power: 2kW.

9. Air source: 0.4-0.6mpa.

10. Air consumption: 600L / min.

11. Total weight: about 80-120kg

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