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In 2025, The Market Value Of Effervescent Tablet Filling Machine Will Reach A New High!

Date: 19/12/2019

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Effervescent tablet filling machine is a set of machines, electricity, and gas as one of the equipment. It can be operated by a microcomputer programmable controller, touch panel, frequency conversion, and speed regulation, equipped with an electronic automatic counting device. With the expansion of the pharmaceutical market, the market of the effervescent tablet filling machine is further expanding.

Data shows that the global market value of the effervescent tablet filling machine in 2017 is 379.37 million US dollars, and it is expected to reach 440.43 million US dollars by 2025. In the pharmaceutical industry, the effervescent tablet filling machine is important equipment. It is reported that in 2017, the effervescent tablet filling machine for pharmaceutical use accounted for more than 97% of the total.

In 2025, The Market Value Of Effervescent Tablet Filling Machine Will Reach A New High!

In the filling process of the effervescent tablet filling machine, the movement of the capsule depends on the dividing box for intermittent, discontinuous and rotary movement. Specifically, the hollow capsule will move up and down in the capsule hopper, and the mainboard will move up and down. The capsule will enter the capsule guide groove by its own gravity, and then enter the upper and lower modules by the vertical plug of the horizontal fork, and separate the capsule and the capsule cap under the action of vacuum suction, and then enter the powder filling station.

The filling station mainly controls the filling weight of the capsule content, which is an important link. The main problem is the instability of the filling content weight. Experts said that the main causes of this problem are as follows.

First, the alignment of the metering disk and the lower module is not good. The poor alignment here causes that the medicine can not fall into the capsule completely when filling, resulting in the weight of some finished capsules is always light.

Second, the gap between the isolation block on the metering disk and the metering disk is too large. The function of the isolation block is to separate the drugs of the tamping monkey from other drugs in the powder ring for filling when the drugs in the metering disk are tamped and transferred to the filling station.

Third, the height of powder on the metering plate also has a certain impact on the filling quality. The height of powder is controlled by the sensor in the powder ring to control the screw blanking rod above, continuously adding powder and maintaining a constant powder height in the powder ring.

There are many precautions when cleaning the effervescent tablet filling machine online. Because the effervescent tablet filling machine is easy to cause dust leakage when cleaning the equipment after production, online cleaning is one of the main measures to ensure closed production.

"The online cleaning function of the equipment can be started only by sealing the individual dedusting pipe mouth and transferring the remaining powder, capsule shell, and other materials." Capsule equipment manufacturers.

Most of the internal areas of the equipment are cleaned online through the cleaning nozzle installed in the production and operation area, and the cleaning water is discharged through the special drainage port on the table.

A water gun can also be installed in the operation area, and the parts that are difficult to clean can be washed by a hand-held water gun, and the residue of dust can be minimized.

It should be noted that after cleaning the effervescent tablet filling machine, the capsule polishing machine, metal detector and connecting pipes should be cleaned and wetted online, and the cleaning water will be discharged into the special pipes.

The sealed material butterfly valve uses a special cleaning cup, the connecting pipe can invade the valve interior, and all cleaning operations may not reach the thorough cleaning effect, which requires manual cleaning until the cleaning standard is reached.

The effervescent tablet filling machine has the advantages of accurate filling dosage, novel structure, beautiful appearance, and convenient operation. It can automatically complete the positioning, separation, filling, locking and other actions of capsules, reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency and meet the requirements of pharmaceutical hygiene. Suitable for filling all kinds of domestic or imported capsules.

According to the type, the effervescent tablet filling machine can be divided into manual effervescent tablet filling machine, semi-automatic effervescent tablet filling machine and full-automatic effervescent tablet filling machine. At present, the full-automatic effervescent tablet filling machine has a large proportion of the market, accounting for 64.49% of the share in 2017, and will go further in the future.

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