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Working Principle Of Vacuum Automatic Cap Screwing Machine And Capping Machine For Glass Bottles

Date: 03/01/2020

Working Principle Of Vacuum Automatic Cap Screwing Machine And Capping Machine For Glass Bottles

Glass bottle vacuum automatic cap screwing machine, also known as "plastic automatic cap screwing machine", mainly for the liquid filling capping or capping machine process.

Working Principle Of Vacuum Automatic Cap Screwing Machine And Capping Machine For Glass Bottles

Working principle of automatic cap screwing machine: the bottle cap is stored in the lower hopper, transmitted to the capping mouth through the frequency conversion lifting belt, and the capping function is realized by two synchronous clamping belts and three groups of six locking wheels. Through the mechanical torque adjustment function, the capping is just right.

Let's take a look at the working principle and process of the bottle filling production line and the automatic cap screwing machine with the engineers of Nantong Hengli

1. For bottle management, the disorderly empty bottles shall be neatly coded and sent to the conveyor belt with the rotary table type bottle management machine until they are blocked by the chuck under the filling head.

2. After the filling is completed by the plunger pump, the chuck will take the filled bottle away and block the empty bottle at the same time.

3. After filling, the bottle is sent to the corking and capping chuck station and then to the station chuck, we can see.

4. The robot sucks up the inner plug and presses it into the bottle mouth. The guys may ask, "how does the inner plug come from?" we can see that a large vibration disk will send piles of inner plugs into the slide orderly for the robot to take.

5 when the bottle passes through the cover head, the same cover is arranged by a vibrating plate and sent to the slideway and finally slid into the cover head. Next, let's see the lock part.

6. After the cover is hung, the gland hammer presses the cover to the end, and the lock head rolls the bottle cover and the bottle body into one through the claw knife. The whole process is like this. Although the product may be different, it is basically the working principle of this capping machine.

7. The glass bottle vacuum automatic cap screwing machine can not only fill liquid, such as injection, disinfectant, and various oral liquid, essential oil, cod liver oil and other small bottles of liquid can be filled and locked.

The engineers of Nantong Hengli said the working principle is: four-speed regulating motors are respectively used for lid supply, bottle clamping, transmission, and capping. The machine has high automation, good stability, and convenient adjustment. When replacing the bottle shape or lid, there is no need for spare parts, and it can be completed only by adjustment (if equipped with a feeding machine, the lid can be automatically sent to the vibration disk).

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