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Maintenance skills of Capsule Bottling Line

Date: 07/01/2020

Maintenance skills of Capsule Bottling Line

Capsule Bottling Line is suitable for filling tablets, pills, capsules, and other drugs. The biggest feature of this machine is its small volume, which is also the main factor of its convenient maintenance. The maintenance of the capsule bottling line should start from normal times. Nantong Hengli reminds: once the machine breaks down, it should be maintained in strict accordance with the maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer or the after-sales service personnel of the manufacturer should be invited to carry out the thorough repair, and it should not be handled by itself.


First, the daily maintenance of the Capsule Bottling Line:

1. The capsule bottling line has a counting disk, which is of fixed size. It should be prevented from deformation due to heavy pressure. The counting disk should be removed regularly for cleaning and fixation.

2. In the same way, check whether all fasteners are firmly installed before starting each time, so as to avoid looseness or even disconnection during the working process.

3. After using the machine every time, the remaining materials in the counting plate or mold hole shall be cleaned to avoid blocking in the next use.

For the faults of the capsule bottling line in the working process, they should be eliminated in time so as not to affect the production progress. For the minor faults, Hengli will put forward and present solutions together here, while for the "big" faults that can not be solved by the customers themselves, the maintenance master of the manufacturer should be invited to the factory for maintenance. The following are the common problems that can be solved by the manufacturer: 1. The blanking is not compact due to the unsatisfactory vibration, the vibration frequency is adjusted higher or the fixed screw of the vibration part is tightened; 2. The number or count of the Capsule Bottling Line is not accurate, which may be that there is garbage in the number of discs, at this time, the number of discs can be cleaned; 3. When the rotation of the number of discs is not normal, the rotating belt of the host machine should be worn or Loosen it, and then tighten the nut of the rotating shaft.

The maintenance of the capsule bottling line lies in normal times, and the general maintenance of the filling machine should be understood by the manufacturer when the machine is put into operation. This is not only the responsibility for the products produced but also the responsibility for the production capacity of the enterprise.

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