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How To Choose A Suitable Automatic Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine

Date: 08/01/2020

The automatic self-adhesive labeling machine is a piece of special equipment for labeling, which solves the problem of labeling for users. Before you start to buy the labeling machine, please carefully understand the basic knowledge of the automatic self-adhesive labeling machine. Only by fully understanding the condition of the products can we buy the equipment suitable for our own use.

Through these six steps, the buyer can purchase the desired equipment: first, have a certain understanding of the automatic self-adhesive labeling machine; second, analyze the purpose of demand, why we want to buy the equipment; third, communication of demand; fourth, purchase process; fifth, installation acceptance; sixth, use, and maintenance.

How To Choose A Suitable Automatic Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine

The working principle of the automatic self-adhesive labeling machine is actually very simple. Through the control of the machine, the label is removed from the label paper by mechanical means and then pasted on the surface of the product to be pasted. Go back and forth, complete a large number of efficient labeling actions.

What are the types of labeling machines?

A. According to the properties of labels, they can be divided into hot-melt adhesive labeling machine, self-adhesive labeling machine and paste labeling machine. The characteristics are that self-adhesive labels do not need to be glued again when labeling, while paste and hot-melt adhesive have gluing technology when labeling. 

B. According to the way of movement, it can be divided into linear labeling machine and rotary labeling machine. The linear structure is relatively simple, the speed is low, the rotary efficiency is high, but the cost is high. 

C. According to the level of automation, it can also be divided into manual labeling machines, semi-automatic labeling machines, and full-automatic labeling machines. For the significance of the semi-automatic labeling machine, please refer to the article "semi-automatic labeling machine is especially suitable for labeling products of small-batch and variable variety". 

D. According to the surface shape of labeling products, it can also be divided into a plane labeling machine and a round bottle labeling machine. E. According to the special features, such as real-time printing and labeling machine, double side labeling machine, horizontal cylinder labeling machine, etc.

The labeling machine was first introduced from abroad and has made good progress in China after upgrading technology. At present, the types of labeling machines in China are gradually increasing, and the technical level has been greatly improved. It has changed from the backward situation of manual and semi-automatic labeling to the pattern of automatic self-adhesive labeling machines occupying the vast market.

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