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Intelligent And Non-Intelligent Automatic Cap Screwing Machine, The Gap Is So Big!

Date: 09/01/2020

Intelligent And Non-Intelligent Automatic Cap Screwing Machine, The Gap Is So Big!

At present, food and daily chemical enterprises are facing a series of difficulties. On the one hand, product sales are becoming more and more difficult, market competition is becoming more and more fierce, consumer tastes are becoming more and more diverse, and the cost pressure of channel channels on manufacturers is also growing. On the other hand, the continuous rise of raw material prices, resulting in the enterprise's profit space is becoming smaller and smaller.

Intelligent And Non-Intelligent Automatic Cap Screwing Machine, The Gap Is So Big!

In the face of these industry pain points, how should we think about solving these problems?

"Improve efficiency, reduce cost and protect health environment"

More than ten years ago, a production workshop needed about 100 people, with an average wage of 300-500 yuan. Now a new Wahaha intelligent workshop only needs a few operators, with a wage of 5000 yuan per person. The production line can produce 54000 bottles of drinks per hour. With the disappearance of human cost bonuses and the increase of market demand, how to improve production efficiency under the condition of reducing human cost has become the first problem faced by most enterprises.

Therefore, in the packaging field with high repeatability and high-efficiency requirements, and in such urgent market demand, the intelligent automatic cap screwing machine "Speedo smart" developed by Hengli is a piece of powerful intelligent capping equipment aiming at flexible production, integrating servo, detection, precision transmission, industrial communication, and other technologies. Only one worker is needed to operate a machine, which greatly reduces the labor cost of the enterprise. At the same time, the precise transmission performance improves the production efficiency, and the speed of capping can reach 200 bottles/min.

The emergence of intelligent automatic cap screwing machine not only saves a lot of human resources, but also avoids the increase of labor cost due to the new labor law, reduces the contact of personnel with products, improves the product health standard and quality level, and makes its products more competitive in the market.

"High quality, high stability"

Science and technology are the first productive forces. This sentence has been deeply engraved in our minds. Especially compared with various production enterprises, advanced technology is fundamental to ensure product quality.

For the packaging industry, the ordinary lid rubbing machine is easy to cause wear on the lid, and even cause deformation of the lid, forming the illusion of tightening. After a period of time, the cover gradually returns to its shape, and the tightening force drops sharply, which will lead to the quality problem of leakage.

With the appearance of Automatic Cap Screwing Machine, its advanced system and information transmission can pack the product perfectly, and make the precise capping without damaging the bottle or lid. It not only makes the appearance of the product more beautiful but also improves the quality of the product. What's more, good packaging avoids product leakage and ensures the quality of the product.

At the same time of ensuring the production quality, the stability of the intelligent automatic cap screwing machine is also very important. This requires that the intelligent automatic cap screwing machine has high-level safety detection technology, which can guarantee the accuracy of the machinery to complete the ingredients. Whether it is the operation equipment or other information to achieve the high accuracy of ingredients or to trace the ingredient variety, operator, equipment number, production time, etc., it is necessary to It needs precise sensor system to realize.

"Flexibility, personalization"

Nowadays, the supply, quantity, and structure of the market are becoming more flexible and personalized, which forces enterprises to shift from mass production to multi-variety and small batch production, and further, to personalized customization production.

Especially in the packaging industry, the factory production line is required to be highly flexible and modular to meet the needs of different products.

Therefore, Hengli R & D cosmetics flexible production line "Super Master", which is a man-machine cooperation intelligent combination equipment facing the cosmetics field, is composed of multiple small-scale functional machines that can move and split freely, with exquisite appearance and volume, and meets the diversified production demand of cosmetics.

"Remote control, easy management"

With the support of science and technology, Hengli has broken the technical barriers in Europe, America, Japan, and other countries. In the aspects of computer fault diagnosis and monitoring, precise positioning and operation control, and ergonomics, a large number of researches have been carried out to develop the software and hardware control system matching with various automatic cap screwing machines, so as to make its products step forward in the direction of information, automation, and intelligence.

With the constant force intelligent rotating cover equipment, first of all, the number of employees becomes smaller, the production situation becomes more accurate, and the raw materials needed in the production process of the detection sensor can also be confirmed by the platform system in time. Through the remote control of the manager's mobile terminal and computer terminal, the "industry + Internet" becomes an accessible management mode.

Intelligent automatic cover rotating equipment can realize good information interaction between equipment and people in the production process, and make each link closely cooperate. It enables the production time of each link in the production process, the supply of raw materials and the production situation of the next link to be handled in time in the equipment. To achieve the optimal allocation of resources and the maximum use of equipment.


Automatic cap screwing machine has become the leading role in the field of packaging, instead of the traditional manual production mode. In the market focusing on efficiency and quality, the future of an enterprise is guaranteed by advanced production equipment. Hengli intelligent automatic cap screwing machine function has become the focus of attention, that is, it has advanced technology, a high degree of automation, and can bring more economic benefits to the enterprise.

And to be able to do this, for an enterprise is enough. If the appearance of a piece of equipment can reduce the cost, improve production efficiency and improve the product quality for the production enterprise, then this kind of equipment is a piece of good equipment. As a piece of new modern equipment, Hengli's intelligent automatic cap screwing machine integrates the most advanced technology and has greatly improved in automation, technology, and other aspects.

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