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How to pick good Tablet Counting and Bagging Machines

Date: 10/05/2021

In many industrial production activities bagging machine is an essential equipment, the market Tablet Counting and Bagging Machine brand, price three to six nine, quality varies, how to choose a good Tablet Counting and Bagging Machine. Hengli Packing for you to organize the five points.

Tablet Counting and Bagging Machine

First, accessories are good to buy: as manufacturers, in order to save costs, often order-based production and sales, no pressure, no inventory, so the warehouse will not have too many accessories. In other words, when you have a problem with the equipment, especially the core components are damaged, the manufacturer may inform you that there are no spare parts, and will recommend that you simply re-buy new equipment. Old equipment throw or stay? It is not much cheaper to repair than a new one.

Second, after-sales there is no guarantee: Tablet Counting and Bagging Machine industry access threshold is not high, the same products on the market there are many manufacturers can do, not least of which are not even the basic mechanical principles, processes do not understand. Buy a machine, go back to imitate a little, on the market. When selling the machine salesman mouth sweeter than honey, once sold out immediately turn the other cheek. You ask him how to operate, he does not understand. You say there is a problem with the quality, he pushed and blocked. Some manufacturers pay the money late delivery of goods, after-sales phone is also a set-up, call the past no one cares about you!

Third, delay the production season: bad quality Tablet Counting and Bagging Machine, buy back three days after the problem, either a problem here or there is a failure, the time to repair more than the time used. Customers are pressing for goods can not be supplied, workers' wages have to continue to spend, and the best bagging time is missed. Have you calculated this loss?

Fourth, the operation is not safe: inferior Tablet Counting and Bagging Machine and not to mention how effective, even the minimum safety are not guaranteed. Because the price is cheap to save what can be saved.

Fifth, the effect is not ideal: ordinary Tablet Counting and Bagging Machine can only complete the most basic bagging operation, as to how the effect that is not complimentary. The high quality Tablet Counting and Bagging Machine is to crack the industry problem, faster bagging, less micro-porous, better ligature, longer life to be called a better bagging machine.

Tablet Counting and Bagging Machine Manufacturer

Hengli Packing Tablet Counting and Bagging Machine features.

1、Using PLC control system, easy to operate.

2, the company's spiral disc running smoothly, low noise, do not damage the raw materials, using the spacing of the way to count, the panel button to adjust the number of materials to be packed or weight. Easy to operate; according to the material characteristics can also be used fiber optic way counting, servo, position, weighing, etc.

3、Each spiral disk is equipped with material full stop, lack of material alarm or stop device to ensure the accuracy of each bag. The equipment has self-diagnostic function, when there is a fault, it can automatically alarm or stop (alarm or stop user selectable), equipped with multiple emergency stop button, convenient operation.

4、The company's equipment can realize the automatic arrangement of materials, automatic measurement, filling, packing, counting and so on. The number of product packaging pieces can be adjusted at will, the number of bags in the bag can be controlled by itself, the automatic display of the number of packaging, can be convenient to count the workload of the machine.

5、Equipment with reliable safety protection function

6、Each feeder in the equipment can be opened or closed at will to facilitate production needs. Adopt microcomputer control system, and have English man-machine interface, simple operation, easy adjustment, high degree of automation.

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