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Desiccant Inserter features and prices

Date: 21/05/2021

Desiccant Inserter adopts perfect automatic program control for stuffing desiccant: through precise positioning of cursor and calibration of desiccant bag length determination system, it ensures that no desiccant will be cut, easy to operate, servo motor driven, intelligent control of feeding length, automatic adjustment of cumulative error of length.

It has the function of automatically opening when bottles come and automatically stopping when bottles are missing, and it is applicable to stuffing desiccant into bags of bottles and cans of various materials and other containers.

Desiccant Inserter

Desiccant Inserter can set the number of insertion, and the whole volume of bagged desiccant is automatically cut and inserted. It adopts perfect automatic procedure to control insertion of desiccant: through precise positioning of cursor and verification of desiccant bag length determination system, it ensures that desiccant will not be cut. The equipment is equipped with desiccant into bottle detection system, which can effectively judge whether the desiccant has entered the bottle or not. The equipment has a stable feeding device to ensure that the feeding process will not damage the desiccant. The machine is equipped with detecting photoelectricity for lack of material, lack of bottles and blocked bottles, which can effectively control the normal operation of the whole system, and automatically stop the machine when there are no bottles and blocked bottles, and automatically run after restoration. It is easy and convenient to change specifications, only simple adjustment is needed. The equipment is simple to operate and adopts three-level authority management. The surface of the equipment is made of stainless steel and non-toxic, chemically stable food-grade non-metallic material, which is easy to clean and has no dead space. Optional data network interface is available for data storage and reading management.

Desiccant Inserter China Supplier

Desiccant packing machine is divided into bags and bags according to certain weight, users only need to place desiccant on the machine, customize the packing film according to the bag size, place the packing film at the designated position, and desiccant packing machine can automatically complete all work such as measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, printing batch number, cutting off and counting, stuffing, etc. to realize desiccant full automatic packing and meet the market demand for bagged desiccant.

The relationship between Desiccant Inserter price and packaging film.

The packaging film of bagged desiccant has two kinds of non-woven fabric and composite paper film, the composite paper film is heat-sealed packaging film, while the non-woven fabric has heat-sealed and cold-sealed, if the side of the bag is sealed by heating, the Desiccant Inserter can be used for packaging desiccant, the body is made of stainless steel, durable, PLC control system, pneumatic control of sealing action, high stability, high coordination of packaging action, the price ranges from several thousand to several ten thousand.

The relationship between Desiccant Inserter price and packaging style.

Desiccant packaging style has many kinds, the conventional is the ordinary square or rectangular, with three side seal, back seal, the price of the conventional style of desiccant packaging machine varies depending on the packaging film, heat seal or cold seal. If the style is biased towards shaped, then the price will increase according to the actual situation, specific analysis of each case.
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