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Tablet Counting and Bagging Machine in the life of the application and advantages

Date: 27/05/2021

The Tablet Counting and Bagging Machine is a highly flexible, compact and powerful cartoning machine with speeds of up to 100 boxes per minute, currently used mainly in the daily chemical and food industries to set up and fill various semi-products in open display cartons while completing different packaging formats. The Counting and Bagging Machine offers excellent flexibility for a wide range of applications. Additional modules allow the handling of non-stacked items such as flow packs, triple sealed bags and fine packs.

Tablet Counting and Bagging Machine

The Tablet Counting and Bagging Machine system uses a high speed CCD image pointing, the program will calculate the product area and reflect the number of products on the display, after reaching the system preset number will automatically stop the material to start the packaging machine for product packaging, pointing accuracy control in 0.1%, of course, the speed of different products counting will also vary Of course, the counting speed of different products will be different.

Tablet Counting and Bagging Machine Supplier from china

Advantages of Tablet Counting and Bagging Machine.

1. High format flexibility and simple format conversion

2. Completely separate drive and product areas with excellent hygiene and ergonomic standards

3. Tablet Counting and Bagging Machine is designed to meet the latest technical standards

4. Robust machine structure in front panel design

5. Wide format range and excellent format flexibility

6. Left and right configuration of the machine is possible

7. Strict modular design provides the widest range of applications

8. Very high availability and reliability, especially for line operation

9. Remote image capture, dust-free

10. High resolution, can detect broken pieces and small pile rejection

11. Counting of whole pile of material, high speed and accuracy

12. Integrated channel, no need for multi-layer material separation, space saving

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