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How to buy the right Tablet/Capsule Counting Machine for your business

Date: 18/06/2021

Tablet/Capsule Counting Machine is a kind of machine for pharmaceutical, hospital and other industries, which is used for counting capsules, tablets, granules and other medicines. Capsule counting type granule packaging can ensure the safety of patients, convenient medication, broad market prospects, and therefore widely used, accounting for more than 80% of the entire market share of the granule packaging market. With the continuous development of the times, pharmaceutical companies change high-tech automated particle counting machine equipment will provide better service to the nation, whether in terms of production efficiency or future medical care. tablet/Capsule Counting Machine has a technical significance, high added value, room for growth, is the pharmaceutical packaging equipment industry of tomorrow's stars.

Tablet/Capsule Counting Machine Manufacturer

As we use the user, I think the purchase of Tablet/Capsule Counting Machine should focus on several aspects.

1, how about compatibility: many companies have many varieties, frequent replacement, to consider the compatibility of different dosage forms such as tablets and even anisotropic tablets, capsules.

2, how about the ability to resist dust: solid formulations produce more powder, dust more whether it can still work stably.

3, material protection ability: the process of discharging and discharging, to see its smoothness, to ensure the accuracy of bottling while reducing material damage.

4, the ability to prevent drug blocking: some large bottle mouths, some small, to prevent blocking is also very important.

5, detection functions: such as broken particles automatically reject, automatic fault detection, etc..

6, of course, speed and accuracy are also important factors to consider, but stability and reliability is actually more important than speed.

DJL-16 Electronic Tablet/Capsule Counting Machine

Hengli Packing produces Tablet/Capsule Counting Machine's advantages.

1. Modular design, easy to install counting module with high flexibility

2. Fast and tool-less, it can count any kind of pills, tablets or capsules with just a few parts replacement and can be filled into any kind of plastic bottles, glass bottles, any round bottles, oval bottles and rectangular bottles with servo-driven feeding screws and intrusive drop nozzles.

3. Easy to operate with touch screen user interface, you can easily control the whole machine.

4. Each group of sensing system is received by multiple signals to ensure that different products can be counted accurately and without error.

5. The machine's automatic dust tracking software detects the sensitivity of the electric eye at any time and automatically corrects the dust condition of the pellets according to the different production conditions, thus further ensuring the accuracy of the count.

6. The machine can be used with both translucent and opaque products without any replacement parts, while ensuring its 100% accuracy of counting.

7. The contact part with the pellets is made of stainless steel, which does not cause any damage to the appearance and does not produce any chemical reaction.

8. Tablet/Capsule Counting Machine continues to count pellets when the bottle is replaced, which improves the efficiency of the machine. When the last capsule is detected, all the capsules will fall into the detection track and the memory stopper will block them and continue the counting of the next bottle. When the empty bottle reaches under the drop guard, the pre-counted capsules will fall into the bottle and so on.
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