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Screw Powder Filling Machine product parameters, program operation and applications

Date: 14/07/2021

The Screw Powder Filling Machine is an excellent powder filling machine, known for its versatile features, perfect for filling fluffy, non-free flowing and sticky powders into containers. Examples include talcum powder, pharmaceutical powder, pesticide powder, custard powder, dental powder, spice powder, etc.

FL Automatic Screw Powder Filling Machine

Screw Powder Filling Machine is suitable for.

Applicable to medicine, food, chemical, pesticide and other aspects of the sachet packaging. It is suitable for the production of powder medicine, sugar, coffee, fruit treasure, tea, MSG, salt, seeds, desiccant, glucose, milk powder, five spice powder, chicken essence, coffee powder and other manufacturers producing powder items.

Features of Screw Powder Filling Machine.

1. The machine can automatically complete all the work such as measuring, filling, sealing and cutting.

The machine can also be equipped with reliable photoelectric detection system, so that when using the packaging material with photoelectric mark, the complete trademark pattern can be obtained.

Screw Powder Filling Machine technical parameters.

Measuring range: 50-1000 (max)

Bag length: 80-200mm

Bag-making width: 100-450mm

Thickness of packaging film: 0.04-0.12㎜

Packaging speed: 15-60(bag/min)

Air pressure: 0.65

Air consumption: 3.0m3/min 6kg/cm2

Voltage: 220V/50Hz

Power: 3.5Kw

Overall machine weight: 650KG

External dimensions: 4001400X2700 (L*W*H mm)

Screw Powder Filling Machine

The function of this Screw Powder Filling Machine realizes the principle of positive displacement of the screw. The screw pusher is precisely designed to properly move the product through the funnel and then further convey it through the conveyor belt. In this Screw Powder Filling Machine, dry bottles are supplied to the conveyor via a turntable, which is then further passed to a flat conveyor belt that feeds the bottles to the filling head at an adjustable speed. The bottles are then placed at the filling station for further processing. The screw filler has a sensor which is responsible for sending a signal to the electromagnetic clutch to activate the screw filler.The Screw Powder Filling Machine has a time adjustment function which helps to set the timer control as well as the screw speed which can be changed with the help of a variable speed drive.

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