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Product introduction and advantages of Tablet/Capsule Counting Machine

Date: 27/07/2021
With the development of the smart industry, the requirements for Tablet/Capsule are getting higher and higher. Hengli Packing introduces a high speed visual Tablet/Capsule Counting Machine.

Tablet/Capsule Counting Machine adopts high speed CCD image counting, the program will calculate the product area and then reflect the product quantity on the display, after reaching the preset quantity of the system will automatically stop the material counting accuracy control at 0.1%. Of course, the speed of counting will be different for different products. The speed is determined by the size of the material area.

Tablet/Capsule Counting Machine

Tablet/Capsule Counting Machine has the following advantages.

1. Remote image taking, not affected by dust.

2. High resolution, can detect broken pieces and small pile rejection.

3. The whole pile of material counting, high speed and accuracy.

4. logical distribution, no need for high-speed gates.

5. Integration of channels to save space.

6. The operation is simple and easy to understand, the wrong points and omissions will be prompted, and it can work for a long time without stopping to rest.

7. Can replace multiple workers, greatly reducing labor costs; and the machine does not require professional and technical personnel to operate, anyone with a little training can operate, simple and convenient.

Filling In Tablet Capsule Bottling Line

With the rapid development of science and technology, Tablet/Capsule Counting Machine has advantages, but it does not mean that the traditional manual counting is eliminated; after all, Tablet/Capsule Counting Machine is not all-powerful. There are some tasks that cannot be counted and require manual work. In general, the Tablet/Capsule Counting Machine is designed to facilitate and increase efficiency.
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