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Key Benefits and Features of Desiccant Inserter

Date: 10/09/2021

With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for products from all walks of life began to increase in large numbers, and the requirements for the quality of various products are rising. Desiccant Inserter, as an important link that can reflect the impression of product quality, is gradually being taken seriously by many companies.

Desiccant Inserter

Features of Desiccant Inserter.

Desiccant Inserter is a high-tech product with electromechanical integration, which is to automatically load products, manuals and desiccants into folded cartons and complete the capping action. Some of the more fully functional Desiccant Inserter also has additional functions such as applying sealing labels or performing heat shrink wrapping, etc. In many enterprises such as food, pharmaceuticals and daily chemicals, automatic cartoning machines have now replaced manual labor.

Advantages of the Desiccant Inserter.

1. Can be used individually or linked with other equipment to match the corresponding machinery for production together.

2. Fully automatic packaging machines that increase productivity, meet work demands, improve delivery times and reduce production costs;

3. In order to adapt to the needs of product updates, packaging machinery with high flexibility and flexibility;

4. Multi-functional cartoning operation, various complex cartoning jobs can be completed at the same time, with optional date and batch number printer and manual insertion device.

5. PLC control, troubleshooting display device, easy to operate.

6. Compared with manual cartoning, Desiccant Inserter does not need training to be able to work, which is an obvious advantage.

7. The machine's inching device allows the machine to move at will, making it easy to adjust various sizes of boxes.

Product features of Hengli Packing's Desiccant Inserter.

It is suitable for a variety of carton packaging machines with multiple specifications. It can be used alone or in combination with other equipment (such as weighing machines, filling machines, sorting machines, case packers, etc.) to form a complete production line.

Desiccant Inserter and material contact parts are all made of high quality stainless steel and aluminum, with polished surface, beautiful and durable appearance! The equipment can replace the workload of 3-6 workers.

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