XG-1 Automatic Cap Screwing Machine

    • XG-1 Automatic Cap Screwing Machine
    • XG-1 Automatic Cap Screwing Machine
    • XG-1 Automatic Cap Screwing Machine
    • XG-1 Automatic Cap Screwing Machine
    • XG-1 Automatic Cap Screwing Machine
    • XG-1 Automatic Cap Screwing Machine
  • Product Overview
  • XG-1 Automatic Cap Screwing Machine used in threaded plastic caps automatically feeding, sorting, caps dropping and capping process.
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Product Details

2.png Used For Various Kinds Of Bottles And Round

Shaped Caps.

2.png No Caps No Capping.

2.png Quantity Control Design In Caps Feeding System.

2.png No Changing Parts Required In Different Varieties.

2.png To Avoid Damaging Caps And Failure Capping

Pressure adaptive system of capping wheels.

2.png Output Detection And Rejection System

Automatically reject no-caps, no-foil and failure capping objects.


Technical Parameter


XG-1 Automatic Cap Screwing Machine

Max Capacity


Compressed Air Supply

0.6Mpa 150L/min

Power Supply

AC220V 50Hz 1kW




The Automatic Cap Screwing Machine is related to the shape and the specification of the bottle and caps.


Product Advantages

2.png National Standard Drafting Unit; Industry Standard Revision Unit; Compliant with GMP, FDA Standard;


2.png All Automatic Cap Screwing Machine contact parts are made of SS 316L, Complete machine frame made of SS 304.

2.png Progressiveness: Fully intelligent control. Intelligent on-line detection.

2.png Economical efficient: Smart structure and occupy a small space. Low energy consumption. Low maintenance cost.

(a) Main Motor: ABB/GPG

(b) Pneumatic components: SMC/Air Tac

(c) PLC/MCU HMI (Touch Screen): Proface/Mitsubishi/Hitech

(d) Electrical Components: Schneider/Omron

2.png Wide range of applications: Used in pharmaceutical, food, health care, daily chemical, biological and other industries.





Production Process




2.png The Automatic Cap Screwing Machine cover all over the world and are sold well in the overseas market. Exported to the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Britain, Canada, Australia, Russia, India, Thailand, Singapore, Brazil, Peru, South Africa, Iran, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and other countries and regions.



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